Outer rim of UE

Rodos, sklepy dla turystów
European Union looks like magnetic field. It emanates from centers like Brussels, Paris, Berlin or Warsaw and its strength decreases with the square of the distance from these centers. Here, on Greek islands, on remote peripheries of UE, its presence isn't even barely noticeable. Maybe with two exceptions - you can enter the country using national ID card and you can pay with euros. But the latter does not prove anything. In many coutries in the world tourists are allowed to pay in euros or dollars.
It lookd a bit like on picture below. The flag of Greece beautifully flutters in the wind, visible from afar. And EU flag is that small and inconspicious piece just below it. It is present, but as if they were ashamed of it.

While walking on coastal esplanade, owner of small tourist shops is offering me dimmed sunglasses with Rayban logo. What price? A few euros. And this of course is original? Yes, naturally, original Rayban, please try. In addition, nearby hangs an entire stack of similarly "original" branded handbags with logos of Dior, Gucci. Equally "original" are pseudo-leather straps branded as Diesel.
For small taverns that lack of UE supervision seems to be like salvation. For taverns and their guests, because this is one of last remaining places in Europe, where they still can get food that is not devoid of any flavours and tastes as a result of UE standarisation. Who now remebers how our Polish sausages tasted over ten years ago, can compare them to today's ones and will know what I'm talking about.
When I'm writing that story, Greece is still in the euro zone. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm predicting that in a few months we'll witness official bancruptcy, because real bancruptcy happened since last year...