Sowing chilli peppers

Chilli pepper seeds

Spring has finally arrived and once again I'm preparing my balcony for planting. Of course my favourite chilli peppers again will become a star of the season. Some of them I have from seeds saved in last year, but this time I'll add two newly bought varieties, which are placed among the hottest peppers: Habanero and Scotch Bonnet.

If you're planning to sow chilli as well, that's about the time. Now, and max. up to mid-April. Peppers sown later wouldn't have a chance to mature before season's end.

So let's sow together. It is always nice to have such exotic guests in the house.

The first step, maybe not absolutely neccessary, but still worth doing, is to soak the seeds for 24 hours in the water. It would be easier for them to germinate. The water have to be regular tap and cold one, just let it set for half an hour until chloride (or whatever they add to it nowadays) flew. For additional protection against fungus you can add a few pieces of chopped garlic. My chilli pepper's seeds are soaking right now and tomorrow they would go to already prepared cup.