Chilli pepper and global warming

What they have in common? On my balcony in Poland I grow plants from ecuatorial countries. Grow and collect fruits...

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Red admiral

What feasts on rotten apricots in my garden? And why it comes to do it all the way from the southern Europe?

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Outer rim of UE

European Union looks like magnetic field. It emanates from centers like Brussels, Paris, Berlin or Warsaw and its strength decreases with the square of the distance from these centers. Here, on Greek islands, on remote peripheries of UE, its presence isn't even barely noticeable.

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Butterflies - a symbol of fragility and impermanence - have to fight for their lives more often than it might seem. For example all european species have to survive harsh winter, this way or another. For a tiny insect with a body composed in 90% from water, surviving temperatures far below freezing point is next to impossible.

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Painted lady - tireless traveller

I always wanted to write about Painted Lady migrations. For few people knows that butterflies migrate like birds and almost nobody heard about a guest from Africa, which flies over 3 thousands kilometers and can be seen all over Europe and here, in Poland.,,

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